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Back in 2012, changes in technology allowed us to offer the ability to create a promotional video far quicker than normal, and after a couple of tests, we offered this service to one of our regular clients, the Daily Mail Events Division.

We created a promotional video of the Outdoor Show in the NEC in 24 hours. Looking back, it wasn’t the easiest project and involved working through the night, laptops that took an age to export video, slow internet to upload and all manner of logistical challenges that pushed the technology to the limit.

The benefits were immediately obvious, with views of the content online up 1500% on the year prior! The content was available when potential visitors were researching and looking into visiting the show rather than check what they missed!

Since then, our speciality skillset in this area has matured and technology evolved, and we have constantly improved on this and now are the best creative company with this speciality.

We have worked on events, awards, promo content all over the world, all with unique challenges and different requirements and our record currently is 5 hours from pressing record on a camera to an uploaded finished video and ready for social campaigns and we ensure the edits are high quality, not crude or appear rushed, as the examples qualify.