Project Description

McArthurGlen, a major owner of designer outlet shopping centers in Europe, needed a solution to showcase and manage its properties. OneDeadPixel stepped in, creating virtual tours of all 22 European sites, up to 50,000 sq ft each.

These detailed tours allowed McArthurGlen’s teams to virtually walk through properties from anywhere in the world,24/7, saving travel costs and time.

The virtual tours created by OneDeadPixel have had a significant impact on McArthurGlen’s operations, both in terms of efficiency and sustainability. In just two years, the use of virtual tours has saved McArthurGlen 11,000 kg of carbon emissions, over £30,000 in travel expenses, and 288 person hours per site per year. This translates to a significant overall ESG savings for McArthurGlen, both financially and environmentally.

Additionally, the tours improved McArthurGlen’s ability to showcase properties to stakeholders, allowing high-quality, interactive viewing from any location. OneDeadPixel is proud to have made a positive impact on McArthurGlen’s operations with a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution.