Project Description

This project was an exceptionally challenging one since it involved careful planning to ensure the work could be carried out while the ship was in use. The client had previously been told by several other companies that the project would be impossible, due to technical and logistical limitation but we proved them wrong!

The technical challenges were quickly and easily addressed early on with some additional testing prior to agreeing to the project. We then discussed the project with the client in detail before we created a full shoot plan and timings (which we even mock rehearsed to ensure timings were suitable). A 2 person crew then met the Cruise Ship mid-cruise in Lisbon who had been briefed in advance.

Upon boarding, we then set to work scanning areas at specific times to ensure they were not in use, working methodically over 2 days to capture all images required. The project went smoothly and a little additional post production was necessary but all in line with our plans.

Speaking with the client a short time after delivery and the benefits were varied and well worth it. The number of enquiries from potential customers dropped, bookings increased. Gone were the questions such as “how much does a life boat impair the view”, or “do rooms have wardrobes” as customers could get the answers and considerably more in just a few clicks, extremely easily. Also, it gave teams the ability to check information while the ship was at sea!

The tour averaged over 10,000 views every month consistently, with excellent engagement stats and totalled 300k views before new owners took over the ship.