360 Video and Tours

Full 360 Google and Custom Tour of the Designer Outlet in their flagship location, Roermond, Amsterdam




Jun, 2019


360 Tour



Google and html Bespoke 360 Tour

Having worked with McArthurGlen on some 3D CGI projects, we were approached to image one of the designer outlets to create a 360 Virtual Tour for Google and bespoke HTML tour for the client website.

This solution was chosen because of the multiple benefits it had. Some of these were allowing the Public to find information quicker, leasing teams could show site locations to potential clients remotely, Marketing could use content on social media and DevCo could use to plan and lower the number of onsite visits.

Working with McArthurGlen, we created a full project plan and a date was chosen and a 2-day onsite window arranged. Using state of the art 360 Cameras, a crew of 3 scanned the centre and captured over 300 images

Following, we then took a week to create and output to Google Maps and creation of a standalone HTML tour for McArthurGlen to use on websites, local laptops and as required.

We have also been capturing useful data so we can supply a monthly establishing user patterns, which images were most viewed, when the most users were online, what areas of the centre prove for post project benefit.

In the first week, the tour received 25k views! We have the ability to determine which images are viewed the most, when, which shops most popular, how this corresponds to other external data and provide some amazing insights.