Corporate CGI

ING Financial Animation
Series of Educational Animations for ING Bank to help educate customers on the various services offered



Oct, 2014


CGI Animation



Educational Animation Styled to ING Brand

We had a meeting with the Global Marketing Team at ING as they were looking at commissioning a sequence of animations. We were tasked with created a series of 12 animations to explain the various services such as life insurance, savings, mortgages etc. A Project manager and storyboard artist worked closely with the client to come up with the concepts, messages and full storyboards to give us the perfect blueprint to work from.

A team of artists, riggers, animators and experts worked to deliver a set of animations the client was incredibly pleased with.

Due to the success, the client commissioned us to create 3 further animations with more detail and to add a little humour into the videos. Always a tricky challenge, this required a little more concept storyboards to find the right level of humour but again, we had a very happy client upon delivery.

Projects like this have the benefit that because it was a sequence of similar animations, some work gets duplicated, therefore lowering the cost per animation. Also, by working with the client closely and providing storyboards and style guides, the client knew exactly what to expect.