Event Visuals
Various Floor plans, Concept Visuals and Animations for Event and Exhibition Promotion



2008 Onwards


Corporate CGI


Tailored to Client Budgets

Event and Exhibition Visualisation

The first project we ever worked on was as a result of a passing conversation and a bet that we could produce better CGI visuals than they had been supplied by a stand designer. Not only did we win the bet with ease, even now the client (who is still a happy client) uses that visual when referring work to us still 11 Years later!

These types of projects vary immensely on the requirements, timeframes and budgets and start with a conversation of what is needed, and we are then commissioned to bring an idea to life working from paper sketches, scribbles, CAD plans, photos with writing on, mood boards and photos. I think it’s fair to say you name it we have had to use it as a reference!

Budgets on these vary immensely and come down to the time required for us to create it. Factors that influence that include stills vs animation, the amount of detail, how detailed the brief is vs how much it’s an evolving brief and we are happy to work with you in all capacity to achieve your goal. All we really need is your reference material, timeframes and ideally budget and we can tailor a perfect solution.