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High End 3D CGI Visualisation Services

Employing some of the best talent available, allows us to tailor teams to suit projects perfectly. Never more important is this than when creating the highest quality CGI visuals and animations.

Throughout the years we have worked on numbers high end projects, the first being BlackFriars Station back in 2008? We were supplied extremely detailed CAD models to create the visuals to support the construction of the station. Days were spent cleaning up the models due to them being used for construction rather than to look good! Then further agonising time was spent matching textures, the look of the station, removing unnecessary details and then animating a full flythrough of the station. Even back in 2008, we were pushing computers to the limits!

Since then we have worked on all manner of premium visualisation, including bringing lots of architectural projects to life, high quality product promotions and other premium CGI projects. Recently this included a full promotional video combining heli filming with CGI to show what a building will look like once redeveloped, combining services to get the most out of a budget and eliminate the hassle of working with multiple companies!