What is Augmented Reality, and What Are the Uses and Benefits?

What is Augmented Reality, and What Are the Uses and Benefits?

Augmented reality has become popular thanks to the extension it brings to the real world. An example of this can be the popular “Pokémon Go” video game. The game effectively added an overlay to real-world locations and served them us as areas to discover new monsters. Not only did this bring more attention to the Pokémon brand overall, but it changed the way children used mobile phones. No longer where they sat in the house listening to music, but now they were off out exploring to see what new treasures can be unearthed.

Much of the appeal of augmented reality is that a lot of companies have instilled the technology into their mobile apps, meaning that the technology can be enjoyed by the masses and used on the go. Apps such as Snapchat and even Facebook have been making use of augmented reality to ensure that customers remain to engage with the platform.

However, augmented reality is capable of so much more, especially given the way that technology is evolving. There are many sectors that have been keeping to adopt the new technology, with some even implementing the technology to give potential employees an experience of the role. The tourism industry is one that has and continues to benefit from what augmented reality has to offer, and there are many options available when it comes to making use of augmented reality. For example, a company could offer their own app that highlights venues in a particular country. Rather than showing travellers a map, it could also highlight hotspots within a real environment.

The technology can also be used on cruise ships using the same methodology. Rather than having to look at a map, users could simply find their location using augmented reality. The who could even be used together, with the map giving directions depending on the user’s location. The possibilities are endless.

Although augmented reality has found success within the mobile market, this is not the only platform that is growing in popularity. The new augmented reality technology looks to make the real world and the virtual world work in perfect harmony. An example of this can be seen in Microsoft’s latest addition to its tech lineup, the Microsoft HoloLens. While offering similar technology to that seen in mobile augmented reality, it offers a more powerful platform overall. This means that tourism industries can offer information via dedicated headsets which can project images, maps and operation instructions. The technology can even be used to offer a link to a company’s mobile app that will offer customers a similar experience optimised for mobile.

While competition is healthy, it does mean that a company must think outside the box when it comes to its marketing efforts, and look for new ways to connect with their audience. Technology is at the forefront of what we do in many respects, and the technology is evolving every day. While there is still a time and place for tried-and-tested methods such as standard video, this doesn’t mean they can’t be used with innovative technology that helps your business become more recognised.

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